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Andrew Kennings, Ph.D., P.Eng.
Associate Professor
Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
University of Waterloo
200 University Avenue West, Waterloo, Ontario, N2L3G1
Tel: 519.888.4567 extension 36909
Fax: 519.746.3077
Email: akenning AT uwaterloo DOT ca

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April 1, 2015 - We came in second place in the ISPD 2015 Blockage-Aware Detailed Routing-Driven Placement Contest! We did this with out tool Eh?Placer which, for this contest, was developed by the following people: Nima Karimpour Darav, Andrew Kennings, Aysa Fakheri Tabrizi, David Westwick, and Laleh Behjat. Here's a picture of Nima accepting the award. The contest is mentioned in an EETimes Story.

April 2, 2014 - We tied for first place in the ISPD 2014 Detailed Routing-Driven Placement Contest! We are mentioned at the end of an EETimes Story (3rd page) about the conference. Here's a photo of me accepting the certificate.

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